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May 2022

Why is the CQC Important?

Woman and her carer viewing something on a phone

The purpose of the CQC is to ensure that the public receive the highest standards of care while also keeping everyone informed on the standard of care services that are available. The importance of the service that the CQC provides goes beyond just inspecting and ensuring that care providers meet the standards that are applied to them.

Public Safety

The very nature of the CQC is to keep those who are in care safe. Being a patient inherently means that they are vulnerable and in need of a certain standard of care. This is why it is crucial that the institutions that are in place to care for these patients are strictly regulated and that the standards of care are applied to every aspect of the service that they provide.

The CQC has defined various rights which anyone receiving care should expect. These rights include person-centred care, safety, safeguarding from abuse, dignity and respect, the ability to submit a complaint against a care provider, consent before receiving treatment, and care from adequately trained staff.

Enforcement & Improvement

In order to effectively regulate the care providers that are registered with them, the CQC also holds providers accountable for failure to meet the standards of care that are expected of them. Regular monitoring and unannounced inspections allow CQC inspectors to report on and rate organisations providing care in England, while also enforcing the standards of care and pushing improvement in the quality of care that is received by those who need it.

Informing Choice

The ratings that the CQC give provide an important benchmark for the quality of care that can be expected from the associated provider. This allows users of the services regulated by the CQC to make informed decisions on where they receive their care from, ultimately leading to better care for the patient and generating an environment of continual improvement within the care industry.

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