Utopi ESG Technology

ESG data acquisition, analysis and reporting – made simple.

Utopi is the specialist ESG Technology platform for the Health and Social Care Real Estate sector.

The Utopi platform delivers actionable insights to improve operational performance, ESG measurement and overall return.

We collect real-time data on how your asset portfolio is performing to ESG standards, and allow you to concentrate on what really matters. The triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

With CQC ratings now considering ESG standards, Utopi technology can not only help you boost those all-important ratings, and move closer to net zero carbon.

How Utopi ESG Technology can help your care service.

Improve ESG performance by 20%

Utopi ESG technology collects real-time data on your asset’s ESG performance and allows you to make positive changes. Improving your environmental footprint, and helping the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit.

Attract & retain the best talent

This is a new world, and the best talent want to work for an organisation with a strong ESG strategy – to better the world, to better the comfort of residents, and to drive closer to net zero carbon goals.

Achieve & monitor asset level certifications

With Utopi ESG technology, you can gather, analyse and report on the data required to achieve GRESB and BREEAM certifications.

Improve resident wellbeing, comfort & encourage independence

Use Utopi ESG technology to monitor resident comfort scores as granular as room level. See real time room temperatures, air quality, humidity and more; and ensure resident wellbeing is top priority.

Increase asset value

Green assets have a proven increase in asset value over time and allow you to charge higher rates. Utopi ESG technology allows you easy collect the data required to gain access to Green Finance.

Improve CQC ratings

With the CQC’s increased attention on ESG strategy, Utopi ESG technology can ensure you have the data required to report on ESG performance and boost those all-important CQC ratings.

Utility metering data driving ROI

Utopi ESG technology is designed for return on investment, and with an increased understanding of your environmental impact it can drive a 20-30% reduction in energy consumption, and offer payback on investment within 2 years.

Manage alerts & safeguard against avoidable harm

Utopi offer room-level sensors, metering solutions, and also people counting devices, allowing you to safeguard against avoidable harm and reduce the risk of safety incidents.

What we do


Taking an Environmental Social Governance (ESG) approach to Health and Social Care can foster 360° engagement among investors, owners, employees, residents, and the wider community. This approach can help align your business values and mission with its actions; creating a more holistic and impactful approach to management.

With Utopi, sustainability and profitability are not a trade-off – green and growth go hand in hand.

Utopi & CQC Ratings

The CQC are increasing their rollout of off-site inspections and remote monitoring which has increased the need for live data and reporting. And as of 2023, those ratings have an increased focus on environmental and sustainable alignment.

The Utopi platform brings ESG data together in easy-to-use reports, so you can boost your CQC ratings, and monitor ongoing environmental performance for your portfolio.