Clinical Quality Audits

Providing policies and procedures that ensure quality.

Quality audits designed to help maintain ongoing standards.

Quality audits are typically conducted by the CQC as part of their inspections but Delphi can also assist your service in reviewing the quality given to service users and work in conjunction with you to produce a comprehensive action plan to help improve the quality of service given.

Similar to our mock CQC inspections, these audits focus solely on the quality that providers and can help identify areas that would benefit from improvement.

What are quality audits?

The purpose of a quality audit is to ensure that the care provided meets the required standards of quality and safety, and that the care is delivered in a compassionate, dignified, and respectful manner.

During a quality audit, our task force will review policies and procedures, observe the care being provided, interview staff and residents, and review documentation, such as care plans and medical records. We will then provide a report on our findings and make recommendations for improvements, if necessary.

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Using our expertise, our team can help you improve your service and ensure compliance with the CQC's standards of practice.

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What we do.

Bespoke policies written in line with the latest CQC requirements.

Having up to date and accurate policies is an essential part of determining your CQC rating. With frequent changes, ensuring your service is fully compliant and has correct policies in place can be quite time consuming. Having produced policies for all aspects of the healthcare sector, Delphi can review your existing policies and make recommendations or even write a bespoke suite of policies for you in line with latest CQC requirements.
The ultimate goal of quality audits and policy reviews is to ensure that the care provided by the service is of the highest quality and meets the needs and expectations of the residents and their families.

Why are quality audits important?

Quality and policy audits play a vital role in maintaining high quality care in the health and social care industry. They allow managers, staff, the people utilising the service, and even regulators know that the policies and procedures in place are operating correctly.

Quality audits can also provide reports and written evidence of your service’s performance and ensure that it remains compliant with the CQC standards of care. These reports can also provide areas of the service that require improvement with clear and actionable insights to help improve the quality of care being provided.

All in all, they provide evidence to the CQC and Local Authorities that your service has a commitment to quality care and compliance with legislation and standards.

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Why choose Delphi Care?

Our teams are based across the UK – so you know we’ll be there when you need us.

We forge a strong bond with your business – sharing our knowledge, experience and ideas with you. The Taskforce will evaluate your service and provide action plans, training and coaching to ensure the service you’re offering is regulatory compliant.

We are able to support you in making key decisions that will enhance your care setting’s performance. While the Taskforce primarily uses Delphi’s own software solutions, they can also offer more traditional consultancy services for businesses in the care sector.

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Recent feedback from our clients

From the initial enquiry stage to carrying out the mock inspection Delphi were prompt and clear with their communication. The fulfilled the brief and produced a lengthy report.


January 10, 2022


"Tracey and Debbie paid us a visit last week. They were very professional and fair during their audit. They assessed all our audits, gave advice and were very fair in their feedback!"


October 6, 2021


"I am so pleased with your work. I welcome any support available since you now know areas with gaps. Thank you so much for the support.  I wish I had known you from the start of my project.  I recommended you to some people who are experiencing same problems."


August 25, 2021


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