About Delphi Care

A combination of experience and expertise.

Our people are experts in the care field – including former CQC inspectors and registered managers – who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our clients.

They understand the challenges your business is facing – and they all share our passion for improving standards in the sector – for the benefit of patients and businesses alike.

Continual improvement is in our DNA.  We’re constantly enhancing our solutions to improve their analytical and predictive capabilities.

When the decisions you make have such life-changing and financial implications, we want to make sure you’re getting them right.

When we work with you – it’s a true partnership.  That’s why if we, together, fail to hit the CQC target we set with you, we’ll forego much of our fee.  Sharing the financial risk is the best way to demonstrate our confidence in the solutions and support we offer.

experts in the care field...

Care home software

When you work with Delphi, it's a true partnership.

At Delphi, we believe that the care sector should always be improving.

That’s why we’ve been providing care software solutions and care consultancy services to help care homes and hospitals to optimise their operational, healthcare and financial performance since 2017.

We’re unique in offering solutions that are designed by care providers, for care providers.  Our software has been operating for three years in Delphi’s associated care homes and has contributed significantly to us achieving back-to-back Outstanding ratings across all five key lines of enquiry from the CQC.  We can’t offer a stronger endorsement of our own solutions than that.

Delphi's 7 I's will help benefit all businesses within the care sector.


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