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August 2022

What questions are asked during a CQC inspection?


During a CQC inspection, the inspector may ask the practice manager of the service for access to certain documents or to explain aspects of the service provided. Being prepared to answer these questions and provide the appropriate documentation will stand a care provider in good stead to receive a better rating.

While the exact questions that an inspector may ask can’t be known, there are a range of topics that a CQC inspector are likely to ask questions around.

Access to appointments

The inspector is likely to ask about the patients’ access to various appointments, such as GPs and nurses. Access to appointments can also refer to the process that is in place for a patient or resident to book an appointment. It is also important to answer honestly and outline any challenges there may be to appointment access.

Third party cooperation

Another question the inspector may ask regards the provider’s cooperation with other services and care providers. This can include access interpreting services such as sign language or out-of-hours services that the care provider may utilise.

Cleanliness & infection control

The premises may also be inspected on the basis of infection control and cleanliness. If this is the case, you should be able to answer the inspectors questions on how the service identifies and mitigates risks as well as be able to provide the appropriate incident and management logs. These logs may include cleaning, injury, and equipment logs.

Patient care

Inspectors want to understand patients’ care experience under the provider and will focus on the quality and safety of the regulated services that are taking place. In order to be able to effectively answer any questions on this topic, ensure that you can provide past examples of compliance and patient as well as describe, in detail, how the service is operated and how staff exceed expectations.

An inspector will also want to speak with patients and residents directly about their experience. Making patients feel comfortable and listening to their feedback and taking clear action on any complaints will help present the service in the best possible way.

Policies & procedures

It is likely that a CQC inspector will want to see the policies and procedures and may ask staff about their understanding of the safety guidelines and protocols that have been put in place by the provider. The policy and procedure documents should accurately reflect how the service operates on a daily basis.

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