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Vision by Delphi

Predictive analytics software.

Vision by Delphi is the first care analytics software on the Market with predictive capabilities – Meaning you can create proactive care plans for residents, improve financial returns and continuously monitor day-to-day operations for your home or hospital.

Vision by Delphi enables care homes and hospitals to:

  • Provide superior care to patients and support for their families through proactive and preventative care
  • Achieve the highest ratings from the CQC and other regulatory bodies
  • Improve financial returns for owners and lenders by enhancing income and reducing costs
Care home software

Vision's care analytics has powerful predictive capabilities – it captures trends, projects them, and helps to guide decisions.

Care Home Software Forward Thinking

Forward thinking

The system has powerful predictive capabilities – it captures trends, projects them and helps to guide decisions.

It gives you the certainty you need to make the right operational, healthcare and financial choices. If no action is taken – alerts will remind you that action is still required.

Care Home Software Comprehensive Tracking

Comprehensive tracking

Vision by Delphi tracks and monitors all elements of care delivery, incidents and reporting and staffing metrics.

Whether you’re looking to monitor care delivery and action plans, CQC notifications or appropriate staffing levels for optimum performance – the system enables you do all of this and more.


Operational Excellence

The Vision by Delphi methodology has been operating for three years, within Delphi's associated care homes, contributing to their “Outstanding” CQC ratings.

Care Home Software Industry Benchmark

Industry benchmarking

Any performance analysis needs to be supported by robust data.  That’s why Vision by Delphi will benchmark your performance against our own performance data and leading care sector reports.

Our benchmarking covers all of the key elements that contribute to the financial performance of your care home or hospital, including:

Fees, Occupancy levels, Revenue, Salaries, Agency staff, EBITDA and more...

Care Home Software Pandemic Reporting

Pandemic reporting

Vision by Delphi tracks the health of every patient within the care home or hospital environment, but this can also be expanded to staff health monitoring when necessary.

The system monitors all interaction between patients and staff members, so it can be used in a similar way to a ‘Track and Trace’ system if required.

It can be configured for any specific needs, including COVID-19, and can understand the notifiable events and symptomology.

Care Home Software Financial Analysis

Fast financial analysis

Reporting on the financial performance of a care home, can currently be a long and drawn out process. It could take anywhere from three to five months for lenders to receive the financial data... but not anymore!

With Vision by Delphi, users have access to live data – giving lenders the opportunity to take pre-emptive action to address any issues. If performance dips below the benchmarks you’ve set – you’ll receive alerts to enable you to take swift, corrective action.