How we help...

Care Providers

Whether you’re looking to improve your care home or hospital’s operational, healthcare and financial performance – we can help you get there.

Delphi’s software solutions and consultancy services help you to:

  • Provide superior care to patients and support for their families through proactive and preventative care
  • Achieve the highest ratings from the CQC and other regulatory bodies
  • Improve financial returns for owners and lenders by enhancing income and reducing costs
Care home software

Effective care management

Our state-of-the-art care management solution – Nucleus – enables the effective management of your care home or hospital environment.  Unlike any other system on the market, Nucleus is designed by care providers, for care providers.  It’s been developed by an owner-operator group who have achieved back-to-back ratings of Outstanding from the CQC across all five key lines of enquiry.  We care just as much about delivering great care as you do.

Nucleus can help you to maintain or improve your home’s rating, whether it’s Outstanding or Good, Requires Improvement or Inadequate.  It can help to protect your business, too.  With 24/7 tracking of your unit operations and compliance, you’ll get instant access to critical intelligence to help you take the right action to address any issues.  Thereby reducing the possibility of negative publicity or prosecutions.


Real-time financial performance tracking

Vision by Delphi analytical tool gives you a comprehensive breakdown of the financial performance of your care home, or hospital environment, in real-time.

The data reported includes:

  • FEES

Improve your CQC ratings

We can help you to improve your CQC ratings and enhance your reputation amongst local communities, local authorities and regulators.  This will likely lead to higher occupancy and weekly fees combined with reduced expenses, thanks to our paperless electronic records – delivered with accuracy.

The Delphi Taskforce is on hand to support your business.  Our people are experts in the care field, including former CQC inspectors and registered managers, who bring a wealth of experience to the table.  We’ll evaluate your service and provide action plans, training and coaching to ensure the service you’re offering is regulatory compliant.

Our guarantee

We’re fully confident in the software solutions and consultancy services we offer. That’s why if we, together, fail to hit the CQC target we set with you, we’ll forego much of our fee.  The success of your business matters just as much to us as it does to you – which is why we’ll share the financial risk.