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June 2021 | Issue 001

Delphi’s Task Force are a consultancy team of former CQC inspectors, ex registered managers, nurses and clinicians with over 200 collective years’ experience of working in the health and social care sector, bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and partnership to those they work with.

Our Task Force solutions and processes are proven to be successful.  That’s why if we, together, fail to hit agreed CQC targets, we’ll forego as much as 70% of our fee.
The success of your business matters just as much to us, as it does to you – which is why we’ll share the financial risks.
If you want to learn more about how the Task Force can help you, schedule a call with our team, directly into our Task Force calendar.

What our clients have to say...

“During my time working with Nicola, she was AMAZING, she left me feeling positive about what I was doing”
“I am very happy that all my expectations have been met and Nicola went above and beyond to ensure that everything worked on was achieved”

Gemini Exclusive Care

“We went with Delphi as their pricing and quality assurance proposal meant that we would only have to pay the full cost providing Delphi achieved what they set out to with us.

This was a ‘guarantee’ of success for us so we were confident partnering with Delphi, and they did achieve the targets we initially agreed with them”


“Thanks to the team at Delphi, who supported our compliance team to improve our service within a range of areas. We now have robust compliance and auditing procedures in place which helps our team operate at the highest level”


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