Mock CQC Inspections

Be Outstanding

Mock CQC inspections from qualified industry professionals

Regardless of whether your current rating is Outstanding or Inadequate, our consultants have the knowledge and experience to help you maintain or dramatically improve your CQC Rating.

It takes tremendous hard work and commitment to achieve an Outstanding CQC rating and our team are happy to accept the challenge. With our expert help and advice we will work with you to get your healthcare setting up to the highest CQC rating possible.

Care home software
Care home software

What is a mock CQC inspection?

Mock CQC inspections are designed to help you prepare for the real thing and ensure you know what to expect, as well as receiving support on where your performance needs to improve.

It’s vital that your care team are confident they understand the Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) in which a real CQC inspection will focus on in order to assess your service and performance.

The 5 CQC KLOEs are; Is it safe?Is it effective?Is it caring?Is it responsive?Is it well-led?

To ensure that your care setting is providing the best quality care it can, mock CQC inspections will give you insight into the areas where you’re currently excelling at and highlight problem areas in your current processes, procedures and more.

Naturally, our team is at hand to support you through these trouble areas and provide advice on how to improve them, ready for the main event.

How to prepare for your mock CQC inspection


Prepare all documents that we will need to see during the inspection.


Tell employees and residents that we are there and why we are there.


Provide us with someone who can to answer questions and show us to different areas.

Prepare staff

Prepare your staff, we will need to speak with all employees who work at the service.


Be completely honest with us about any issues before we attend.

Good practice

Tell us about any good practice or where people go above and beyond what is expected of them.

How do our mock inspections work?

Our processes mirror that of the CQC. Our team of former CQC inspectors and industry leaders have developed a bespoke framework that is delivering accurate inspection findings

  • We observe staff and service areas
  • We speak to staff, service users, family members & carers
  • We look at any relevant documentation
  • We provide feedback
  • We will create an in-depth report on our findings
  • We will support you going forward

How long does a mock inspection take?

The time it takes to complete a mock CQC inspection is variable. However, it often ranges between one and three days on site, similar to that of a CQC inspection.

Once our inspection has been completed, you will receive a report within 5 working days with a robust action plan of improvements identified through the mock inspection.

What are the benefits of a CQC mock inspection?

Just like taking a mock test at school, you’re better prepared for when the real exam comes around, and CQC mock inspections are no exception.

Receive expert advice

Our team have a collective of over 200 years’ experience within the care sector. Some of our experts are even previous CQC inspectors themselves, and therefore understand every aspect of the final inspection.

As part of your mock CQC inspection you’ll receive professional advice from start to finish. They can provide you with practical solutions, bespoke to your requirements to help you achieve an Outstanding rating.

Improve your performance

A CQC mock inspection gives you the time and breathing space to learn what’s not currently working in your care setting.

Going through the motions of a mock inspection will allow you iron out any creases instead of guessing during the real thing.

Feel confident & prepared

If staff are feeling unsure about the process and what to expect, a mock CQC inspection will give them the opportunity to not only work together in improving their service but be confidence that they will pass with flying colours during the real inspection.

A CQC mock inspection can highlight gaps in staff training, giving you further opportunities to improve on the standard of care that you provide. This will help to make your staff feel more confidence in their work, but also give confidence to residents and family members.

Care home software

Why use our care software?

There are a wide variety of benefits for utilising the proper software within your care service. One of the main benefits is that it reduces the risk of human error in tasks such as patient and service management.

Additionally, the use of software can improve the overall efficiency of your service by centralising important data and tracing activity. This can allow you to fine tune various aspects of your service inline with your patients' needs.

Care software can also improve the security of important patient and service data. Through the use of access restrictions based onjob roles and system installation verifications, you can rest assured that your data is properly secured.


Why choose Delphi Care?

Continual improvement is in our DNA.

As mock CQC inspection consultants and experts in the health and social care sector, we understand the daily problems many healthcare businesses face.

With the right support and guidance, Delphi Care are on hand to help improve your patient’s quality of life, increase business occupancy and retention, as well as showing you new opportunities to better manage your care home, hospital, dental practice or GP.

Get in touch to see how we can help you.