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Care Home Management Software.

Our state-of-the-art care management software – Nucleus, is providing care homes and hospitals with a solution that enables effective care management across the UK.

Nucleus gives you the tools to enhance your operational, healthcare and financial performance – putting you in complete control.

Unlike any other system on the market, Nucleus is designed by care providers, for care providers. It’s been developed by an owner-operator group who have achieved back-to-back ratings of Outstanding from the CQC across all five key lines of enquiry.

Care home software
Nucleus management software

Nucleus helps you to maintain or improve your CQC rating, whether it’s Outstanding or Good, Requires Improvement or Inadequate.

It can help to protect your business, too. With 24/7 tracking of your unit operations and compliance, you’ll get instant access to critical intelligence to help you take the right action to address any issues. Thereby reducing the possibility of negative publicity or prosecutions.

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Nucleus’s advanced task engine handles the scheduling of important responsibilities and events.

Custom configuration

Configuration of Nucleus is key to ensuring that triggered actions and thresholds are appropriate to your care home or hospital environment. We have the regulatory knowledge to prepopulate the system with the environmental and procedural requirements for your care setting.

Information sharing

Nucleus allows users to share information through the system with colleagues, via automated emails following events or documentation, sharing assessments or reports with external users. It keeps a communication log throughout – so you are aware of who has seen, sent and received notifications about care and ensure that you remain GDPR compliant.

Better, faster care planning

Nucleus speeds up the management of all care planning processes. It ensures quality of reviews and updates, with scope for personalisation. Staff management modules enable better supervision, producing performance ratings and metrics for care plan reading scores and performance as a team.

Powerful templates

Documentation of care is automatically transferred ensuring real-time care plans where accurate information can be communicated to staff and family members, and needs are easily shared between staff during handover processes. Carers will receive updates of any changes.

Clear guidance

Based on your assessments and inputs, Nucleus guides staff to perform essential actions, while monitoring their effectiveness and ensuring that dependency tools operate with valid information.

No duplication of information

Nucleus is intuitive. It seamlessly transfers information between modules – freeing your staff to focus on what matters most – delivering great care. Here’s some examples of how it helps:

Effective shift management

Care requirements are documented in advance – within care plans and electronic diaries – allowing an easy flow of information between your carers and the shift lead.

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